Church of the Lost Hog is a Welcoming Congregation of Hog-Minded Individuals

Have you been looking for “your people?” Maybe you’ve been looking for “your hog?” Simply looking for “your mind?” We can help you find all of the above and more!

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Hog-themed music

Check out one of our house bands to bring the spirit of Hog into your next party, funeral, or hog-tying contest!

Slop Baptisms

Learn more about our one-of-a-kind slop baptism!

Bacon Ceremonies

The only real way to seal your marriage.


See for yourself why over 5 people say they feel 'more at home' in the Hog Family! Earn your nose today!

Happy hogs

We happily initiate new Hogs into our ranks as they prove their Hogliness. This can be done through a variety of ways, but most notably, through saintly acts such as turning pork into cheese, etc.

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Ready to start your Hog journey??

Even if you've never performed a Hogly miracle, we'll show you how!

  • Wow! Church of the Lost Hog is Amazing! I can't get enough!
    Real Hog Church Member
  • Pope Pete, Saint Buck, and the whole crew over at Church of the Lost Hog really made us feel at home!
    Real Hog Church Member
  • I'll never take my Hogs to another church!
    Real Hog Church Member
  • These guys make some seriously good bacon.
    Real Hog Church Member

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